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Pictured below is what we are raising funds for.

Matching SAR Funds thermostat (3).png

The Calaveras County Search and Rescue team is running a capital campaign to purchase a specialized SAR equipment vehicle.

Donate $33, get $100 of impact, 100% going to CCSAR (directly to equipment and training).


We currently have two match campaigns that will match your contribution to triple your gift!

Are you interested in setting up matching funds? Please reach out to us at

Thank you Jay Brethauer, Steve and Carol Mertens and Daryl and Chris Tom for your generous matching fund donations!


Help us save lives! Make a donation today. With your contributions we improve training and upgrade equipment, striving to maintain the highest level of preparedness for every rescue emergency. Sometimes it is just the slightest edge in the field that makes the life saving difference. We want that edge.

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